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Jeff Herring
Recovering Therapist who traded his couch for a mouse => *
  1. My experienced help along the way
  2. My brand new Medium training course, currently in development and…

Kinda like a Table of Contents but less boring…

Scroll down for my latest stories, columns, podcasts, and videos…

Profitable Content Creation Tips

Choose a template, fill in the blanks, and publish…

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Private Practice Marketing Tips

And you can know them now!

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Content Repurposing Tips

This shift in perspective changes everything…

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Profitable Content Title Tips

Let’s take some time with this…

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Private Practice Marketing Tips

…and a great way to lose your bathing suit

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Profitable Product Creation Tips

Welcome to another section of Repurposing Heaven…

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Welcome to one section of repurposing heaven…

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Profitable Content Creation Tips

Welcome to repurposing & product creation heaven…

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Jeff Herring

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